Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo 

SAN ANGELO – Tuesday’s City Council meeting saw two awards that were presented—one to an airport deputy director while the second one, "Certified Work Ready Community" award went to a team of professionals comprised of various entities which represented individuals and businesses.

Angelo Catholic School children led the pledge of allegiance at the San Angelo City Council's Tuesday meeting on December 12, 2017. 

Left-to-right: Chase Watson, Daniel Salazar, Kenzie Gonzales and Aby Padilla. The ACS Principal is Becky Trojcak.

Mayor, Brenda Gunter, and the City Council acknowledged the first person, Mitch Sprunger, who earned the distinction of Accredited Airport Executive, as awarded by the American Association of Airport Executives. 

Sprunger, San Angelo Regional Airport Deputy Director, completed a rigorous three-phase process. First, he had to pass a 180-question examination. Second, Sprunger had to fulfill a writing requirement. And third, he demonstrated knowledge of airport management, business administration and transportation economics during an oral interview with a panel of fellow accredited airline executives.

As for the second recognition, the Tom Green County coordinating team received the "Certified Work Ready Community" award.

Accepting it in behalf of COSADC, was Economic Development, Director, Roland Peña. “It is important and critical that we team up together as a community. I went through the list of 35 individuals or organizations which were all involved,” said Peña.

A team of San Angelo City and County Government, Workforce Development, Economic Development, Education, Industry, and AmeriCorp Vista professionals were recently awarded the Certified Work Ready Community designation at the national ACT Workforce Summit 2017 held in Austin, Texas on November 16th.

“This designation is designated for the County and our Workforce Development, making it certified ready for employers, attracting new businesses,” said Peña.

The Work Ready Community award will be housed at the Tom Green County.

“On behalf of Tom Green County Judge, Steve Floyd, and the Commissioners, we see this as another tool in our tool box for hiring and helping the Workforce become ready, thus making San Angelo more productive” said Precinct 3Commissioner, Rick Bacon “And more attractive to economic development, so we are very pleased to house this and accept this award in behalf of the County and the City of San Angelo,” concluded Commissioner Bacon.  

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