Jim Sánchez/ Conexiֶón San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – La Posada, an annual Christmas holiday, now in its’ 16th year has been successful due to three main legs: the spirit of Christmas, family and children. 

Conexión Hispana, owners, Gregorio and Araceli Gutiérrez, whose Hispanic roots and love for their community, San Angelo, has held this traditional event during the Christmas holiday season with those three in mind.  

La Posada’s master of ceremonies, Saul Garcia, introduced Gutiérrez, who welcomed the 400 plus community attendees, among them Carlos Obrador Garrido Cuesta, Head Consul of Mexico in Del Rio, Texas (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), City Council District Member 3, Harry Thomas, San Angelo Police Chief, Frank Carter and his wife, Shane, Del Velasquez, Downtown San Angelo. Inc., etc.

Left-to-right: Matthew H Sage, Arturo Madrid, Carlos Obrador Garrido Cuesta, Saúl García, Marco Garza, Gregorio Gutiérrez, Joann Powell Spencer, Harry Thomas, Del V Velasquez and Jose.

After brief remarks from Gutiérrez and Cuesta, the community was served by Conexión Hispana’s staff and volunteers:


Maugro Ponce and his family, the Ponce.

Dazzling Dames, Denise Edel, and others, to a traditional Mexican dinner which consisted of rice and beans, tamales, chips, and soft drinks; there was also be traditional Mexican punch, buñuelos and champurrado; plus candy for the kids and donuts.

As for entertainment, DJ, Jamie Regino provided Christmas traditional music, “We wish you a Merry Christmas,” “I Want to Wish you a Merry Christmas,” by Jose Feliciano, etc. Regino also teamed up with Carlos Zuniga, to play songs—one titled, “La Temperada es Bueno.”

To wrap up this year’s spirit of Christmas, families with children were given Christmas presents, ranging from Shopkins Spa Set, football & basketball darts, Aero Trax plane, etc.

The festive Posada concluded with four prizes that were given away: Amaya the doll, a tricycle, a kitchen play set and doll double stroller.

The tricycle which was donated by Tony Villarreal State Farm Insurance was won by Irma Wesson.

Also, a cake was won by the family of 2-year-old, Axel Ramirez Villarreal; Axel celebrated his 2nd birthday on December 16, 2017. David Montez, Jr. who was wearing a blue outfit, celebrated his fourth birthday.

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