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SAN ANGELO –  In Saturday’s two Angelo State University commencement graduation ceremonies, Robert L. Duncan, chancellor of the Texas Tech University System, addressed 900 graduates as he spoke from his own personal experience of how life made a left-hand turn where plan B took front and center, while his plan A took a backseat. The theme of Chancellor, Duncan, was titled “Plan B.”

Left-to-right: fourth person is Oveyunce Armour, graduated with a degree in Applied Psychology. 

Graduates of the College of Education, Archer College of Health and Human Services, and College of Graduate Studies and Research in those academic fields walked the stage during a 10 a.m. ceremony. 

“Life is not always what you planned it to be,” stated Duncan. 

Duncan’s plan A was to be a farmer as his major was agricultural economics. Unfortunately, when he graduated in 1976, the agricultural economy was in one of its biggest recessions. 

Duncan returned to college, attending Texas Tech and before graduating, plan B turned into his becoming a lawyer. 

“My plan B took me to greater success than I would ever succeeded under my plan A,” said Duncan who became the Chancellor of Texas Tech University three years ago. 

“the whole point is that plan B is always better than plan A.” “After you leave Angelo State University, you have to be responsive to plan B and understand there are risks you may have to take to be more successful than you ever thought you could be, but those risks are worth taking.” “But I challenge you as you go forward in your life to accept those risks as challenges (opportunities) said Duncan.”

An ASU graduate receives her degree from President, Dr. Brian May.

ASU’s 2017 fall commencement ceremonies took place in the Junell Center/Stephens Arena. 

Graduates of the College of Arts and Humanities, College of Business, College of Science and Engineering, and College of Graduate Studies and Research in those academic fields then walked the stage in a later 2 p.m. ceremony.

A total of 607 degrees--218 master's degrees, and 389 bachelor's degrees were conferred upon ASU graduates during both graduation ceremonies. 

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