Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – At the Tom Green County Sheriff’s 10 a.m. session today, Sheriff David Jones and two of his deputies, introduced the newest technology—VirTra Trainer to the media that is expected to provide law enforcement officials the best judgmental use of force and weapons simulator training available, from portable, single-screen firearms simulators to the most advanced 300-degree use of force simulator.

Tom Green County Sherriff’s Office, Captain, Tommy Matthews was the coordinator in charge while Jones’ Patrol Division Deputy, Graham Smith gave the media: Conexión San Angelo, KIDY FOX, Go San Angelo AND San Angelo LIVE a ViRtra Trainer demonstration.

“We can teach decision-making based on the reaction of the individual players; the scenario may change, for example of the law enforcement official is trying to de-escalate the situation, then the reaction from the simulator will be different,” said Matthews.

The VT designed with the purpose for Judgmental Use of Force, Situational & Scenario Awareness, Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Decision-Making Under Stress, Reading Body Language and Threat Cues, Use of De-Escalation Techniques, Public and Officer Safety.

Matthews stated that the VT purchased through a grant at a cost of $94,000 from Homeland Security. This system will assist in the training of our officers and surrounding agencies with realistic based scenarios.

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