Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – At Tuesday’s San Angelo City Council meeting, Council members heard one particular item on the agenda—an appeal on a short-term rental, located at 305 and 309 W Ave A. An appeal, the Planning Commission’s approved, two-family residential zoning on November 13, 2017, was filed by Randall Schkade. 

Prior to Schkade’s appearance to state his concerns that were based on several issues he found to be troublesome, Planning and Development Services Director, Jon James, made his presentation to SMD Council when one member, District 4’s Lucy Gonzalez, asked why was this brought before the Council when it was already approved by the PC.

“The ordinance does allow for an appeal procedure so if it’s approved or denied by the Planning Commission, it can be appealed to the Council, either by the applicant or by someone within the notification area or any interested citizen,” said James. Which in this case it was appealed by Schkade who attempted to make his argument in the short time he was given.

“What started this, is that I looked at 305 W. Ave. A, which is the address of the structure that the applicant wants to use as an STR,” Schkade said. “I went to the (Tom Green County) Appraisal District and tried to look up that address, and it does not exist. What it does show is 309 W. Ave. A, and then under (that address) it shows two lots.” 

One other clarification Schkade wanted from the applicants (Frank and Rebecca Francis) was when did the owners form Concho Quarters, LLC.

“According to the print-out from the Appraisal District, it was formed on October 11, 2017,” said Schkade.

To view the entire portion of this discussion, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnwvcj5gX94

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