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SAN ANGELO – At Thursday evening’s January 18 Capital Improvement Plan, (CIP) Forum, City Budget Coordinator Kimberly Holle outlined in her opening remarks the criteria that CIP projects must meet---have a useful life of at least three years, cost more than $25,000 and require at least six months to complete. The plan is revisited on an annual basis and its lifespan is five years, stated Holle. 

“The current draft includes 102 projects which are underway or that we plan to begin within the next five years,” said Holle. That’s $416 million dollars in total projects.”

Thursday’s forum which was held at the McNease Convention Center was twofold; first to seek public input. Second, Holle informed the attendees at the conclusion of forum that the 650 surveys had been filled out online. 

The surveys will continue to be taken through mid-February. Holle concluded that the data collected and put in a report will then be provided to the City Council at its next meeting scheduled on February 6. It will then be adopted in the second Council meeting, February 20. 

Mayor Brenda Gunter, stated that  as was stated, a laundry list of many projects, $416 million dollars, "I think if you take a look at the current CIP program, you would find that those totals come up to a funding request or needs of over $700 million dollars.” “Regarding new needs, new issues, new requests, remember there’s got to be funding for those programs, so as we look at the current, introduced as new, that everything will have to prioritized in terms of what is capable of being funded,” said Gunter. If someone was there not as a new project but an existing one that had not been funded, she encouraged that it be presented.

One such individual, Dr. Eric Aglar appeared for the 40th since May 2007 to speak on a storm water project. “Regarding flooding issues on River Valley Lane and now on Foster Road. “Since the first time I first came, initially there was no development on Whitney which is a side-street off of Foster Road.” “Nor was there anything on the east side of Bentwood nor any commercial property built on Frontage up Road Loop 306.” 

Since my initial concerns were raised in 2007, there has been over 15 acres of non-absorbable surface, put in place. That translates to millions of gallons of runoff on a two or three-inch rain.” Once fast rains occur during the spring absorbable surface like lawns become non-absorbable surface,” said Agler.

The City Engineering Department came up with a good plan to fix both flooding problems. “However a plan is nothing without funding.” Dr. Agler stated that currently there are seven houses in his neighborhood that will be under water if they get rain like the area received in 2012 or 2015. There is no outlet for the water to the river on Foster Road nor in his neighborhood, stated Agler. Agler informed the City officials in attendance that they were reassured in 2007 that the plan would be put in place and it has not been done in the 10 years since.

“It’s time to do something about it, it’s time to get it fixed,” he said. The cost will rise as the City found it when it happened at Ave P 

“The City is not immune from liability under the state statue 11.086.” “The liability to the City is proportionately huge compared to the cost of fixing both of our problems.”  Dr. Agler asked the City to make a move on this before there is any damage to homes or cars.” Agler further commented that 150 homes would be inaccessible if off the road floods occur. 

“We have a simple fix which the City Engineering has and I’m asking the City Council considers getting this done as a priority, due to the number of people affected by it.” Please consider the storm water issue across the City and particularly in those two areas, concluded Agler. 

Citizens can share their thoughts via a short, six question/ online form at cosatx.us/CIPinput

1. Respondent Info

2. From the following, check the tow quality-of-life projects that represent your highest priorities.

3. Of the following, check the two transportation projects that represent your highest priorities.

4. Of the following, check the two public safety projects that represent your highest priorities.

5. Of the following, check the two water or wastewater projects that represent your highest priorities. 

6. Tell us of any other project(s) you believe should be included in and/ or prioritized in the 2018-23 Capital Improvement Plan.

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