Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – Karen Abercrombie, who played the spicy, 80-year-old prayer warrior character, Miss Clara, in the film “War Room” is in real life, the same person—one who is also fiery, passionate and a prayer warrior.

At this morning’s 25th San Angelo National Prayer Breakfast event held at the McNease Convention Center, Abercrombie passionately preached and ministered an inspirational message of love, forgiveness, prayer and knowing who we are in Christ.

After quoting II Chronicles 7:14, Abercrombie stated that what hinders our prayers is unforgiveness. However, when we humble ourselves and repent, God will hear our prayers, forgive our sins and heal our land. 

“We’ve got to get humble; we’re so pumped up on pride and so much other stuff,” she said. Abercrombie clarified that being humble doesn’t mean being a doormat. And “Once you are crystal clear on who He is, then you will know who you are, meaning your true identify is in Christ.”

As for God’s love, “God made a way for you to be here.” “He knew your shortcomings and He still chose to love you into existence,” she said.

The final thread to her message was on prayer. Abercrombie stated that too much busyness in our daily lives with lots of activities, keeps us off of our knees and from spending time with Father, God.

Among the fairly well-represented attendees was Pam Granger who stayed afterward to give Abercrombie a green colored, wristband which is a reminder to pray for her nephew, Jace Thompson, who was diagnosed with brain cancer last October 23, 2017.  Pam told Conexión that Karen would personally go visit Jace and pray for him. Karen also lives in the same state as he does which is in North Carolina. 

Pam, a member of First Baptist Church, first heard about Karen Abercrombie when she went to see her in the film "War Room." 

Left-to-right: Susan Davis, Karen Abercrombie and Charles Davis. 

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