Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – On State Rep. Drew Darby’s itinerary schedule for Friday, February 2 was a 9 a.m. tour of the San Angelo Clubhouse as he met with its’ Executive Director, Brent Jenkins, Mark Meyers, Program Director Greg Rowe, CEO, MHMR Services for the Concho Valley and board member, Pastor, Timothy Davenport-Herbst.

The San Angelo Clubhouse staff with State Rep. Drew Darby.

Rep. Darby’s visit to the Clubhouse was related to last summer’s decision when the 85th Texas Legislature appropriated $1.74 million for the expansion and development of recovery-focused clubhouses.  "Clubhouses are formed to assist people with mental illness in a cost-effective way to stay out of hospitals while achieving social, financial, educational, and vocational goals.  They provide restorative environment for people whose lives have been severely disrupted due to mental illness, and who need the support of others who are in and believe in recovery," according to a news release from MHMR Services for the Concho Valley.   

“Through the Legislature we were able to secure funding for this concept which can go full circle as we are able to see that money going to great use here in this facility and other facilities throughout Texas” said Darby.

After Jenkins and Meyers informed Rep. Darby that one area of concern was transportation for the Clubhouse’s 60 members, he emphasized to Jenkins to network with two agencies and one individual, San Angelo Chamber of Commerce Interim President, Mike Body, to get the word out about the facility that opened last September.

Rep. Darby informed Jenkins to get together with two of those agencies; the first one represented by John Austin Stokes, Concho Valley Council of Government’s executive director. Stokes supervises state services through one of the programs, the Concho Valley Transit District. “Stokes has particular influence to make sure they (Judge Floyd and Commissioners) understand of the existence of this facility and the services that it provides,” said Darby.  “We want to make sure that this Clubhouse benefits not only San Angelo but also the Concho Valley regional, so Stokes and Concho Valley COG would play an important part in that,” said Darby.

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