Jim Sánchez / Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – Todd Staples, the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce’ speaker, informed the members and other attendees that Texas currently leads the nation in oil and gas production in the refining capacity, that comes together to make us an energy powerhouse.

Staples, President of the Texas Oil & Gas Association, spoke before a packed audience at Tuesday’s noon luncheon which was held at the Bentwood Country Club.

 “For the first time in about 50 years, we surpassed the 10 million barrel a day mark in the United States of oil production; 40 percent of that comes from the Lone Star State,” Staples said.

And, despite a down-year in 2016 for oil and gas, it contributed just in state and local taxes and state royalties, $9.4 billion dollars which translates to $26 million a day. That money funded Texas schools, built universities and funded first-responders, stated Staples.

The production of crude, of refined products, produced gas, worldwide is good for San Angelo’s schools, for Angelo State University, for Howard College, etc., as well stated Staples, because “those dollars come back through various methods that Rep. Darby and Senator Charles Perry worked on constantly to make certain that it’s provided responsibly to you all." 

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