Jim Sánchez / Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – Seven candidates running for either county, state or federal positions in the upcoming March 6th Primary elections took center stage Wednesday afternoon as the San Angelo Pachyderm Club held its’ Candidate Forum at Zentner’s Daughter Restaurant. Pachyderm member, Joseph Vargas who served as moderator, introduced the candidates. 

The race for the U.S. Representative District 11 was between candidates: Mike Conaway, incumbent and Paul Myers. Myers went first since Rep. Conaway did not attend.

Myers informed the members that he currently drafted a resolution and is seeking to fix the Veterans Administration. “How I am going to do that is we will move all members of Congress over to the V.A. and am seeking support from state and federal representatives to get this done.” 

The second group of individuals to speak, Michael Toth and Jennifer Freel are both running for the Third Court of Appeals, Place 6, seat. 

“I have fought for tough border security, cracked down on sanctuary cities and made sure of extreme vetting of refugees coming to the United States,” said Toth.

Freel, a federal prosecutor for nine years, stated “I’m the only lawyer in this race who has jury trial experience, civil criminal law experience and am also a board, certified lawyer.”

In the race for County Commissioner, Precinct 2, two candidates showed up-- Sammy Farmer and Tana Sue Pyssen. Farmer, a two-term, Zoning Board of Adjustments and six years on the Planning Commission stated he has experience working with budgets. “I have worked with big budgets for various committees over my employment years and have learned to work within a limited one; and to scrutinize every expenditure to make sure it was the right choice for that company,” said Farmer.

Pyssen, a previous 26-year educator who served on various district and campus committees, stated she is an excellent communicator, collaborator and “and has the ability to make thoughtful decisions.” 

The next race, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, was between Susan Werner, incumbent and her challenger, Sally Ayana who did not attend. With nine years as an Justice of the Peace Court Clerk, “I am able to draw on all levels of the administration of this office every day and with over 300 hours of specialized education through the Texas Justice Court Training Center” said Werner.

The final candidate to speak was Anna Bartosh, who is running for Precinct Chair 230. “As for what does a precinct chair do, he or she sits on the County Executive Republican Chair committee.” “They are there to support all of the Republican candidates,” concluded Batosh.

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