Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo 

SAN ANGELO – At Thursday afternoon’s San Angelo Realtors Association, Mayor, Brenda Gunter, spoke to 130 plus members on San Angelo’s need for growth and development. The noon luncheon was held at the LeGrand Alumni and Visitors Center.

“Every city in the state of Texas and every state in the United States of America are all after the same thing—growth and development,” Gunter said. And that will take the right vision, the right strategy and the right implementation to do it. 

San Angelo needs to be robust and an economy positioned for growth because growth is a positive for an industry like the San Angelo Realtors. “In order to have growth and development, there must be four keys: a vision, a strategy, economic development and fourth, a buy-in from the City, from the City government and most importantly from its citizens” Gunter said.

And that starts in part with the realtors because they are the ones in contact with those people who come to San Angelo, whether it’s to buy a home, a business or a piece of property. “You already know before we know what’s happening out there, so you help determine some of that growth and vision for down the road.” “Key to this is communication and partnership.” Thus, for the first time in a while, the City, the County and the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce have met and sat down together in developing a partnership that these entities all believe will help grow this economy, Gunter stated. 

Two other areas Gunter addressed were property taxes and on the San Angelo Business and Industrial Park.

“I am not in favor of property tax increases.” “If we’re going to attract people to come here, we have to be reasonable when it comes to our property tax.” Gunter stated that people are being taxed out of their homes. It goes back to what Gunter reiterated, the City fathers have to have a vision and a strategy so that when decisions are being made on how to spend the money, it is being spent on helping San Angelo to move forward. 

As for one of the major issues, the San Angelo Business and Industrial Park. “If we don’t bring more businesses to town and don’t develop the commercial tax base here in San Angelo, then our property taxes will go up,” said Gunter. There has to be a better balance of commercial property relative to residential property.

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