Conexión San Ángelo / Austin Vandiver, ASU Intern

SAN ANGELO – Saturday, March 3, three days before the upcoming March 6 Primary Election, Democratic candidates wishing to serve the residents of San Angelo, spoke at a public forum held at the Stephens Central Library, expressing the issues and values that they plan to push if elected.

Eight individuals running for various offices, including one local Tom Green County candidate, appeared at the Coalition of Black Democrats' San Angelo Chapter which was held in the Stephens Library in the Community Room on the 2nd floor.  

The candidates in attendance included: Sally Ayuanas (Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1), Adrian Ocegueda (Governor), Michael Cooper (Lt. Governor), Mike Collier (Lt. Governor), Edward Kimbrough (U.S. Senate), Tex Morgan (Land Commissioner), Jennie Lou Leeder (U.S. Congress, TX-11), Eric Pfalzgraf (U.S. Congress, TX-11).

Each candidate has an issue in mind and education seemed to be a popular topic throughout everyone’s policy perspective.

“There are several issues that I would be dealing with, small claims court miscellaneous, evictions, warrants, and vehicle violations. I would like to do more studies on each of those topics and find out what is needed,” said Sally Ayanas. Ayanas is running for Tom Green County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1.

“My big push is always structural change, beyond looking upon one individual issue, the question is how to elevate that, to look to see structurally how to fix it,” said Adrian Ocegueda, Texas Governor candidate.

“Standardized testing, I want to get rid of it. Re-teach and teach again. Reach one, teach one.” “I mean the teachers know who is doing well; the education system in Texas needs to get better,” said Michael Cooper, candidate for Lt. Governor.

“I’m very passionate about public education and also very worried about how high property taxes are; and since I’m an accountant, I have worked out why taxes are so high and yet we still don’t have enough money for education,” said Mike Collier, candidate for Lt. Governor. 

“The major issue is our monetary system because I think that is creating a major problem for our whole economy; that is my thrust, to go after power brokers that are really causing us to have a problem getting money to the citizens,” said Edward Kimbrough, candidate for U.S. Senate.

“We need to restore our values of honesty being the best policy.” “Our veterans deserve everything they fought for, and our public schools need a long-term plan, so that we can take the burden off of the local tax payer, and back to a balance of local and state,” said Tex Morgan, candidate for Land Commissioner.

“I’m about health care, I am about infrastructure, making sure that we have shovel ready projects because that brings jobs to our local communities” “Also, I’m about higher education that’s affordable so you don’t have a crippling debt when you get out; and about common sense gun laws,” said Jennie Lou Leeder, candidate for U.S. Congress, District 11.

“I’m about getting the people a representative they need.” “I would set up polling, find out what people want, what the majority wants and then vote accordingly,” said Eric Pfalzgraf, candidate for U.S. Congress, District 11.

The forum began with a welcome from Texas Coalition of Black Democrats Chairman, J.B. Hall, followed with singing of a gospel song, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, in which all attendees and candidates sang. Rev. William McClendon delivered the invocation. 

Registered voters are encouraged to get out and vote in the Primary Election on Tuesday, March 6. 

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