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SAN ANGELO – Mardi Gras which is French for "Fat Tuesday", shows the art of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting during Lent season. 

At Meals for The Elderly’s 18th Annual Mardi Gras celebration, among the food vendors with rich, fatty foods were: Halfmann’s Cake Cottage, Zentner’s Daughter, Der Wienerschnitzel, etc. as hundreds of attendees gathered to eat the delicacies and spicy foods offered by these and other vendors.

Left-to-right: 1st place: Lyndon Polhemus, 2nd place: Alyssa Hughes, third place: Emma Martin, fourth place: Kierra Platt, fifth place: Zoey Townsend and sixth place: Zoey Townsend (baby).

Becca Edens, MFTE Marketing & Event Director, stated that the nonprofit organization held its’ popular “Fat Tuesday” event for the second consecutive year, under the canopy of Foster Communications Coliseum to accommodate its' 26 vendors, among them food businesses.
“We’ve got some down-home favorites, such as Cajun food, a lot of desserts, a little bit of everything for everyone,” said Edens.

Left-to-right: Jessica Raines, Zoey Townsend (baby), Tim Miller, Matthew Duke, Anita Duke and Joe Duke. 
The Dukes family and friends won first place for Best Table Presentation.

KSAN TV crew was on a break before their 10 p.m. newscast. Left-to-right: Kara Thompson, Josh Johns and Susana Castillo.

She was asked why did MFTE choose Mari Gras for its’ annual fundraiser. “Because it’s fun and its flavor kind of works with West Texas flavor where it goes hand-in-hand, which is southern hospitality, jovial celebration.” “Obviously the community has shown us that it works,” evidenced by the huge success that it annually produces. 

Left-to-right: Melva Lopez and Barbara Dominguez. Dominguez who is an Ethicon employee says she and Lopez have attend Mari Gras for about seven years.
"I believe in Meals for The Elderly, not just because it is a worthy cause, but we have to look out for our elderly."

These ladies participated in a game called, Mah Jongg which consists of four players. There were a total of 64 who participated in this popular Chinese game.

This person wearing her Mardi Gras mask was Dr. Sharon Kulig.

“This event is still successful because 18 years ago we were at the Cactus Hotel, outgrew that, then went to the Convention Center, outgrew that and now we’re at the Foster Communications Coliseum,” said Charlyn Oaker, MFTE Chief Executive Officer. “We have more activities, more vendors, more food, more attendees; everything’s grown so we are just thrilled that it’s been a success.”

“What we make tonight fundraiser-wise will feed about 20,000 individuals,” concluded Oaker. 

MFTE’s goal for their first major fundraiser of the year, was $40,000. 

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