Conexión San Ángelo / Monica Diaz, Elizabeth Rangel, & Mary Castañuela, contributors 

Díaz, Rangel & Castañuela are Migrant Specialists with ESC Region 15 Migrant Department

SAN ANGELO – As we sit and discuss our migrant program and the services we provide with families, the question is always, “what can the program do for me or for my family”?  

We all want the best for our families and for our children and try our best to see how to obtain success. Many agencies offer services, you always hear the “talk” but never really see the “walk”. We all have signed up for something in our lifetime and didn’t read the fine print, that ends up nearly killing us. Our question then becomes, “What hoops do I need to jump through” or “what tricks do I have to do to get services for my family”? 

We start to think, “Do I need to sign my life away or give away my first-born child just to get a little help”? Do the agencies just see us as a number to get funded and to meet their quota or will we ever see the services that are promised? 

Growing up didn’t you just love getting the cereal that had a prize in it, even if it meant eating the cereal that wasn’t very good? We all love to get that “free prize” feeling, that feeling of excitement we get that we actually won something. Then we quickly realize once we open the box that the prize is just a piece a paper or that you have to mail in a form for the prize, which seems like an eternity to get it, which then creates a feeling of disappointment and resentment. We don’t want to create that feeling with our families. 

One of our goals is to commit to our families and to build a healthy relationship with them. If we say we are going to provide a certain service to them, then we actually must follow through on it. Our main goal has always been education for our children who are between the ages of three to 21 years of age; and education for our parents. Once a child is in our program, we take them under our wing and help them soar to success. If the child is struggling with the English language, not at their reading level, struggling with math we provide tutors for them and any educational tool that will help them succeed. We offer leadership camps in the summer for them to attend. We also assist them in obtaining scholarships once they graduate. If certain barriers came into play in their lives and they weren’t able to graduate, we would help them obtain a GED or additional training to help them in the workforce. We in essence become part of their family that helps them grow. 

The ladies on our team have faced some of the same issues that our migrant families and students are facing and have a passion in serving them. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the migrant program or the services that we provide, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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