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SAN ANGELO - The Inaugural San Angelo Fire Department Awards Banquet was held at 3pm on Sunday, March 25, at the McNease Convention Center. The Inaugural Awards Banquet, funded by the San Angelo Firefighters Foundation (SAFF), was created to provide a means of honoring and appreciating SAFD Firefighters for outstanding service and commitment to the community. Chief Todd Sanford, Founder and President of the SAFF, and Chief of Operations for the SAFD, explained that an annual SAFD Awards Banquet is one of his visions for the SAFF. The SAFF planned, hosted and purchased the awards for the Inaugural SAFD Awards Banquet and plans to continue this event on an annual basis. Nominations are received from Firefighters and in some cases, civilians may nominate a Firefighter; names are redacted from the nominations and they are reviewed and selected by an outside committee that is appointed by the SAFF Board of Directors.  

Previously, there were no formal processes or recognitions for SAFD Firefighter Awards. The SAFF has formalized the nomination and selection processMany awards were chosen based on events from January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017; however, most awards dated back to events that occurred as early as 1990, including Baby Delivery Commendation, Life Saving-EMS and Life Saving-Fire Commendations. The San Angelo Firefighters Foundation is pleased to announce the award recipients from the San Angelo Fire Department Awards Banquet. 

Citizen of the Year – Joyce Lay | Kayla Luz | Toby Taylor 

Dispatcher of the Year  Linda Waller Paramedic of the Year – Oscar Luz 

Firefighter of the Year – Mason Matthews 

Driver of the Year – Jon Bean 

Officer of the Year – Mack McElroy 

Baby Delivery Commendation – Fred Barnett | Kale Beck | Josh Coffey | Trey Cooper | Brian Dunn | Santos Elizondo | Kevin Ernhart | Aaron Flint | Manuel Garza | Kelen Gierke | Brad Greebon | Martin Guinn | Cary Harrison | Dennis Hayes | Jeff Hunter | Wayne Jordan | Kody Karcher | Travis Lee | Mason Matthews | Mack McElroy | Chris Ochoa | Chuck Patterson | Jesse Rodriguez | Cory Sanders | Todd Sanford | Weston Stoute | Jason Strube | Justin Strube | Luke Vosburg | Roby Walker | Les Williams | Chris Word | Mike Young 

Life Saving Medal-EMS – Sean Andrews | Art Balcomb | Michael Birdsong | Cody Braden | Todd Compton | Brian Dunn | Loren Edwards | Michael Farish | Don Ferguson | Johnny Fischer | Blake Foster | David Geron | Chad Greaves | Brad Hartman | Ben Heinze | R.J. Hernandez | Kelly Hood | Joey Huffman | Mark Hunt | Tom Jacoby | Taylor Jordan | Kody Karcher | Travis Lee | Patrick McCleery | Mack McElroy | Michael Morales | Chris Mowrey | Josh Rowe | C. B. Russell | Jordan Russell | Todd Sanford | Nolan Sellers | Matthew Sothman | Justin Strube | Robert Turney | Luke Vosburg | Kevin Walker | Robert Wells | Les Williams | Dalton Womack | Cory Word | Vincent Young 

Unit Commendation – Mike Anderson | Fred Barnett | Santos Elizondo | Kevin Ernhart | Justin Frazee | J.P. Gabriel | Manuel Garza | Steven Gassiot | Kelen Gierke | Brad Greebon | Cody Harris | Hal Hoffman | Tom Jacoby | Wayne Jordan | Buddy Lemons | Bradley Matthews | Mack McElroy | C.J. Naylor | Adam Robertson | Jordan Russell | Cory Sanders | Nolan Sellers | Cory Taylor | Pete Walsh | Cody Weiershausen | Mike Young EMT-P Commendation – Doug Finlay | Ben Heinze | Dalton Womack Public Service Commendation – Art Balcomb | Loren Edwards | Matt Ellison | Kevin Ernhart | Brad Hartman | Jesse Rodriguez | Jason Strube Life Saving Medal-Fire – Fred Barnett | J.P. Gabriel | Hal Hoffman | Patrick McCleery | Billy Price 

Administrative Commendation – Mason Matthews 

Meritorious Conduct Commendation – David Geron 

Purple Heart Medal – Todd Sanford | Michael Young 

Years of Service Commendation – Michael Young (29 Years) | Hal Hoffman, Brian Dunn, Micky Collins (28 Years) | Fred Barnett, Robert Turney, Vernon Hancock, George Cooper, Larry Russell, Todd Sanford, Billy Price, Vincent Young (27 Years) | Jay Neely, Dennis Hayes, Stacy Wright, Patrick McCleery (26 Years) 

The awards were announced by Operations Chief Todd Sanford and presented to recipients by Fire Chief Brian Dunn, Chief Vernon Hancock, Battalion Chief Fred Barnett, Battalion Chief Johnny Fischer, Battalion Chief Jay Neely, and Battalion Chief Patrick Brody. Mayor Brenda Gunter was also present to congratulate all award recipients.

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