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SAN ANGELO – Under sunny skies, cool temperatures and windy conditions, when the green flag was raised and the countdown reached zero, children ran as quickly as they could to see who could fill up their baskets with as many candy filled, plastic Easter eggs as possible.

150,000 candy filled, plastic Easter eggs were place on seven separate fields on the grounds of the Texas Banks Sports Complex as The Life Church (TLC) held it's 18th consecutive 150,000 Easter Fest weekend, Saturday, March 31 2018.

13-year-old, Jayden Miller, who attends Glenn Middle School, is being face-painted by TLC volunteer, Jacob Hutchison. Hutchison is a private 1st class Marine, stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base.

That eggtravaganza scenario played itself out as families with their children turned out to participate in The Life Church’s (TLC) 18th consecutive 150,000 Easter Fest weekend, 2018.

Easter which is considered the oldest festival of the Christian Church, and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, while celebrated with the gospel message woven into the Egg Fest by TLC, brings out an annual attendance which averages 15,000 families.

Holly Whisenhunt and 2-year-old, daughter Callie, were among those families who turned out to enjoy EF 2018.

What is it that you like about Easter? “He is Risen, it is about our Lord, Jesus!” said Holly. Holly, daughter, Callie, and other family members will spend Easter at her mom’s house with an egg hunt that is planned after church on Sunday.

Mariah Johnson is holding her one-year-old niece, Laiyah Faith. Mariah planned to attend Easter at her family's home. Johnson attended Miracle Temple Church of God in Christ on Easter Sunday.

The Morales Family: left-to-right: Claudia, Charlene Lupe, Arlette (little girl) & Derrick Mason.

Jennifer, son: Gage, daughter: Lexi and Dad, Tyler Lussier.

One other family, Tyler and Jennifer Lussier, brought their children: Lexi, age four and one-year-old, Gage to experience the eggtravaganza. Tyler is in the military stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base.

Easter Fest kicked off at 11 a.m. and concluded at 2 p.m. as seven out of 11 fields at the spacious Texas Sports Banks Complex, located at 651 Rio Concho Drive were used.

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