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SAN ANGELO – The phrase “dust settled” refers to what happens when things become clear . . .” When Angelo State University’s 3rd Annual ASU Foreign Language Competition dust settled, the winners became crystal clear as the top place finishers in both French and Spanish were announced by Dr. Karen Cody, ASU Modern Languages Department from the C J Davidson Center on Saturday afternoon.

In the Foreign Language French category, first place went to the Del Rio Freshman with a score of 85.8125 with C.C. Winn in second place.

Winn High School which is located in Eagle Pass, Texas scored a 74.425.

 “With a score of 88.872, in the Spanish competition,” the first-place trophy went to Talkington School for Young Women Leaders (TSYWL), announced Cody. The second-place recipients were Sonora Middle School with an 84.388 score, followed by C.C. Winn again, which finished in third place with 83.3 points.

Locally competing in the Spanish Language category for Lake View High School were four members: Erica Sánchez, a senior and three juniors—Yamileth Guerrero, Mariana Leija and Xosue Duran.

Left-to-right: LVHS students: Yamileth Guerrero, Erica Sánchez,, Mariana Leija and Xosue Duran.

Erica competed in the poem category where she read “Sueña el Rey”.  Conexión asked her how she did.

“Good, it wasn’t too difficult, but I was nervous” said Sánchez. This was her first time to compete.

Besides poetry recitations, three other categories that students competed in were:

• Extemporaneous speaking

• Reading of prose selections

• Computer-assisted listening and reading comprehension tests

ASU Professor, Ewa Davis, Adjunct Faculty member, who was in charge of the event, stated that approximately 112 junior high and high school students represented 10 schools from throughout West-Central Texas. 

ASU Professor, Ewa Davis, and her volunteer, Mary Jones. Jones, a former ASU student of Davis', assisted in the 3rd Annual Foreign Language competition which was held in the Academic Building on the campus of Angelo State University. Jones is an instructor at Howard College.

Professor Davis is going over the score sheet with six of the score keepers (tabulators) who assisted in the FLC.

Left-to-right: Grant Emmons, Clay Grant, Valaree Hood, Liliana Pérez, Tryson Clark and Joly Fernandez. These six tabulators judged FLC students' evaluation forms either the Spanish or French portions.  

This year’s theme was “Know Languages – Know Success.”

Below are the results of the Spanish 4th through 10th place respective high school students’ scores.

4th Sonora High School               80.508

5th Glen Rose High School          77.642

6th Lake View High School          77.466

7th Mertzon High School             75.005

8th Spur High School                  74.061

9th TLCA                                   72.975

10th Marble Falls High School        71.627

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