Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – TxDOT, a Texas Transportation Commissioner and law enforcement officials showed up this morning at a National Work Zone Awareness Week Press Conference, held at Reece Albert Inc. 3001 Foster Street.

“There are approximately 2500 active work zones statewide across our 80,000 miles of roads that we maintain,” said Mark Jones, San Angelo District Engineer for TxDOT.

After Jones remarks, Reece’ COO, Lon Albert, mentioned that that there are two crucial concepts for driver safety--awareness and buy-in. “It will take consistency and commitment to achieve those two so that everyone, including TxDOT employees arrive home safely,” concluded Albert.

Texas Transportation Commissioner , Alvin New, informed the attendees that 199 fatalities occurred in work zones last year. Of that, 164 were motorists who were killed.

“What we are looking for are people to slow down, stay alert, avoid tailgating, and minimize distractions,” said Commissioner, New.

Below is a website of all the construction projects across the state of Texas.


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