Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo 

SAN ANGELO – That little fundraiser that the San Angelo Independent School District has going to the tune of $149 million dollars, is what Dr. Carl Dethloff, SAISD Superintendent, pitched to the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce members and other attendees at a Tuesday luncheon held at the Red Lion Hotel.

Dr. Dethloff informed the audience that SAISD Board of Trustees advised him last spring there were needs in the school district’s facilities. The first needs assessment took place in 2006; then after a second one was conducted in 2014, “It was determined that we had $330 million dollars of needs,” he said. 

That $149 million bond proposal focuses on schools and projects not included in the 2008 bond.

Previously the first phase of a school bond that was passed in 2008, involved 11 campuses at that time for an amount that totaled $117 million dollars. “This is really phase 2 of the 2008 bond referendum; we have about 25 campuses and buildings in our school district.” Delthloff stated this is really the continuation of that ’08 school bond. 

To find out who is on the Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee (LRFPC) which are the 11 campuses 

And “How was the bond package developed”? go to several links below.



If the proposed referendum on the school bond passes on May 5, it could pay for capital projects, technology, land acquisition, etc. 

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