Conexión San Ángelo / Austin Vandiver, ASU Intern 

SAN ANGELO – Democratic women of the Concho Valley came together on Tuesday at Los Panchitos Restaurant, to revamp the Concho Valley Democratic Women’s Group.


With approximately 30 women in attendance at the group’s first meeting, the majority there extended an open invitation to women of all ages and race within Tom Green County to join CVDW.


“We’re looking for democratic women throughout the Concho Valley that want to be with other like-minded women,” said Sherry Bartlett, coordinator of CVDW.

A few priorities mentioned at the meeting included: involvement in the community, electing local representatives, begin to nominate officers, and grow the group. 

“We want to do things around town,” said Bartlett. “Helping with issues or groups that are near and dear to our members hearts, to keep everyone active and get noticed in the public.”

In attendance was Sally Ayana, candidate for Tom Green County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1. The Democratic Women’s next major priority is to get Ayana elected come November 6, as there are no Democratic representatives currently serving for Tom Green County.

“Helping is one thing, but turning out votes is priority,” said one member. “We need support at the local level.”

Sherry Bartlett organized this first meeting and wants the group to be a place where all voices can be heard. Although talks of officer positions began at this first meeting, there are spots to be filled and action to be taken.

CVDW believes that “a little extra effort will do it and us women are doers,” concluded Bartlett.

If you are a Democratic woman that wants to get involved, you may contact Sherry Bartlett at 214-616-2817.

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