Conexión San Ángelo / Public Information Officer, Anthony Wilson, contributor

SAN ANGELO - The City of San Angelo Business and Industrial Park received a federal grant Thursday, that is expected to create 30 jobs and double the amount of land that can be developed commercially.

The $1.2 million federal grant will extend water lines and roads, and spur $19 million in private investments, primarily in manufacturing. It will further provide the potential for substantially more jobs and capital investment.

The grant was awarded to the City of San Angelo Development Corp., which administers the half-cent sales tax for economic development, by the Economic Development Administration. An arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the EDA invests in economically distressed communities to create jobs, promote innovation and accelerate long-term sustainable economic growth.

“As the president has often remarked, American communities urgently need to upgrade their local infrastructure,” said Wilbur Ross, U.S. Commerce Secretary. “This crucial infrastructure project will allow existing manufacturing and other businesses the opportunity to expand while helping attract new businesses to San Angelo.”

The project stemmed from regional planning efforts led by the Concho Valley Economic Development District. EDA funds that organization, which unites the public and private sectors to create an economic development road map to strengthen the regional economy, support private capital investment and create jobs. 

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