Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – The Most Rev. Michael Sis, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Angelo, prior to a groundbreaking dedication ceremony which took place Friday afternoon where three bronze statues would be located, clarified the purpose for statutes. 

“Sometimes people see statutes and think that those who have them are worshipping them,” he said. Bishop Sis cited for example in San Angelo there are a plethora of fiberglass sheep displayed everywhere.

The dedication ceremony--Historic Beginnings of San Angelo honoring the Jumano Native Americans and the Lady in Blue, was held behind the former Western Mattress Building and along the Concho River. 

“In our religion we don’t worship statutes, we only worship the one God.” The purpose of a statute is to connect us with our roots, which reminds us of people or things that are important to us, Sis said.

One other thing Sis mentioned was public places, particularly the area where the groundbreaking occurred.

“I believe that the future development along this riverfront is the key to the development of the City.” 

Chandler Tilly, who coordinated the Historic Beginnings of San Angelo and her 30-core group of volunteers acknowledged City officials, Mayor Brenda Gunter, SMD 3, Harry Thomas, architect, Craig Kinney and descendants of Jumano Native Americans who were invited to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for those two future statutes.  Brone sculptor, Vic Payne was commissioned to do both.

The two bronzed sculptures will be unveiled during a three-day event that will be held May 18-20 at 4 p.m. at the same location.

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