Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO –Texas Leadership Charter Academy High School students, actively involved in a student-led campaign on their campus to raise awareness for underage drinking, joined forces with three entities at Friday’s noon press conference in recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month. TLCA Student Council members prompted their class-mates to sign a pledge for a safe and sober prom this year. Local businesses contributed to the campaign by donating incentives for students to make the pledge. 

Lynette Rose, DFC Coalition Coordinator, The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley, was interviewed by Conexión prior to the presser.

“It is important to talk to teenagers about underage drinking because of what it can do to their future.”

Rose in her remarks, outlined five ways that the youth in the community can avoid underage drinking.

1. You have the right to say no.

2. Make positive connections with parents and other adults.

3. Connect with friends and avoid negative peer pressure.

4. Educate yourself about alcohol.

5. Speak out, speak up and take control.

The other two entities in partnership with ADACCV were Concho Valley C.A.R.E.S. Coalition (Community Action and Resources for Empowerment and Success), and the San Angelo Police Department.

Two TCLA senior students: (left) Adamari Delarosa and (right) Gabby Reyes. Delarosa addressed the attendees, stated that her classmates didn’t have to be in a group just because their friends are doing drugs.
Reyes’ reason to sign the pledge was based on her parents’ own issues with drugs/ alcohol abuse.

SAPD PIO, Tracy Gonzalez, told attendees that while seniors attend end-of-year graduation parties, prom, “These are memorable times for students, parents and school faculty, law enforcement wants to make this chapter in their lives as safe as possible.” “We want you to celebrate this special time safely and responsibly with the use of alcohol or other substances. . . . dangerous things that can have grave consequences,” said Officer, Gonzalez.

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