Conexión San Ángelo /Staff report

SAN ANGELO – “This project has been out for quite a while and has been necessary from US 87 to Randolph Street where the street finally widens so it has been sort of a nightmare for a long time,” said Mayor, Brenda Gunter.

Finally, the nightmare on US 87 to Randolph Street (pun intended) has been addressed. At Tuesday morning’s San Angelo City Council meeting, City Engineer, Russell Pehl, asked the Council to consider a resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into an Advance Funding Agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for Project CSJ#: 0069‐07‐06 ‐ US 87 at West Concho Ave. consisting of various intersection improvements including installation of a traffic signal, sidewalk, drainage, pavement markings, and curb and gutter at the intersection of US 87 North Bound (S. Koenigheim St.) and W. Concho Ave. with State and Federal Funding limited to the improvements within the State right‐of‐way of US 87.

“We do have plans for this, it is a shovel ready project. Funds that will be used will be the Street Bond Funds to help pay for the street rehabilitation portions within City right-of-way as well as water capital funds that will be used to replace water mains underneath the street,” said Pehl. 

Completion on the project is expected to be done in August 2018. The Advanced Funding Agreement has Federal dollars associated with that as well as TxDOT funds; part of the federal requirements is to have a resolution in adopting this Agreement. 

City Manager, Daniel Valenzuela commented that he was pleased the City has gotten to this point after a few years. “We do highly recommend approval for this resolution.” “I want to add that we never know if the money would become available a year from now.” Vanzuela stated that whenever money becomes available from entities, the City leverages that money and makes sure it is available to have. It is not a sure thing that if the City were to delay its decision that TxDOT will have the money later on for this, concluded Valenzuela.

Intersection improvements included within the larger project scope--includes widening West Concho Ave from S Randolph Ave to S Koenigheim, rehabilitation of water utilities within the S Randolph Ave intersection, adding sidewalk, curb, and gutter. Project Design has been completed by Parkhill Smith & Cooper funded primarily by TIRZ. This resolution is required to allocate Federal and State Funds to the project. 

As for financial impact, estimated total project cost: $1,347,000.00. Estimated TxDOT’s Federal portion: $397,700.00 Estimated COSA Street Bond portion: $ 867,436.00. Estimated COSA Water Utility Fund: $81,864.00 

Other Information/Recommendation, staff recommends approval of the resolution as required in the process of securing State and Federal approvals to proceed with bid advertisement of the larger project. 

The City Council voted unanimously 7-0 to approve the resolution.  

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