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SAN ANGELO – Gunner Rodriguez who is blessed with a photographic memory, dreams one day of being an FBI agent. But for now, Gunner’s daytime job is being a 10-year-old honor student who, with a little help from his family, friends and Lord willing from others, is on his way to becoming a participant in the upcoming National Youth Leadership Forum program scheduled at the University of Houston, July 7-July 12.

Left-to-right: Eliza Rodriguez, (mother) Madison,(daughter) Gunner, Shooter (son) and Ramiro Rodriguez (father).

 Photo courtesy of San Angelo Christian Academy

Gunner Rodriguez, a 10-year-old honor student (third from the left) with his San Angelo Christian Academy classmates, teacher, Mrs. Carrie Gartman (far right) and Jennifer Rackly, Administrator, (back row) is scheduled to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum this coming summer, July 7-12 in Houston, Texas.

Gunner’s parents, Ramiro and Eliza Rodriguez, received a formal letter from Mrs. Carrie Gartman, his 4th grade teacher at San Angelo Christian Academy.

“Gunner was selected because Mrs. Gartman recognizes him as a student who already demonstrates exceptional maturity, scholastic merit, and leadership potential even at his young age.” “Only the brightest, most highly motivated students are singled out by their teachers for nomination to NYLF Pathways to STEM,” read the letter. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In Gunner’s appeal letter, he stated, “Attending this program will enable me to further my interest in the field of crime scene investigation and reach my career goals of becoming a FBI Agent.” Gunner is on the honor roll as he has maintained a 4.0 GPA.

At the NYLF, Gunner will have an opportunity to explore STEM pathways in engineering, medicine, but particularly the area that appeals to him the most--detective work. 

In order for Gunner to attend the Forum, he is looking for sponsors and has a fundraiser page set up a with a projected goal of $2,300 to achieve by no later than May 19. The fundraiser includes: magazines, tumblers, jewelry, discounts, gifts and wraps, décor and more.

Please help Gunner reach his goal by going to the following website: https://www.efundraising.com/gunner

 Photo courtesy of San Angelo Christian Academy

San Angelo Christian Academy is located at 518 Country Club Road. 

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