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SAN ANGELO – DACA, Farm Bill/ SNAP Program, international issues with respect to North Korea, the Russia Investigation, the midterm elections, etc. all topics and others were on the table as Congressman/ Chair, Mike Conaway, (TX-11) spoke Friday afternoon at the San Angelo Rotary Club’s noon luncheon, held at Zentner’s Daughter. Conexión met with Congressman Conaway to talk about two particular ones---the upcoming Midterm Elections and Russia investigation.

In the upcoming 2018 Midterms, "Democrats need only 24 seats to flip the House and two to take the Senate," per Alex Seitz-Wald, NBC political news reporter's article "Everything You need to Know about the Midterm Elections."

“House races are just so localized that in effect things which are important to District 11 might not be as important to District 23 or somewhere else in the country,” said Conaway. The Congressman stated it is really hard to judge those national issues that are percolating around and get the most attention. "That might not be what voters in a particular district are concerned about so it is still too early to tell how it is going for the Republicans," concluded Conaway.
The good news is that Republican voters tend to turn out during non-presidential elections more often than Democrats.

Seven weeks ago [March 12] the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence report on what was found and its recommendations was turned in which basically stated that no evidence was found on collusion between the Trump campaign or the Clinton campaign. The majority of the pages were heavily redacted by the Intelligence community which should not have been as they over-classified things, stated Conaway.

To read the complete story on the (HPSCI) status of the Russia Investigation, follow the link below.

It was clear that Russia tried to mettle in the elections to effect how people voted. They had tools such as RT America (TV channel based in Washington, D.C., and part of the RT network, a global multilingual television news network based in Moscow, Russia, and funded by the Russian government).

A one page overview of the status of the investigation can be found here.

The bipartisan parameters of the investigation can be found here.

The metrics of the investigation can be found here.

More information about the need for urgent action on election security can be found here.

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