Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – The unofficial results from San Angelo ISD’s $149 million dollar bond election which took place May 5th, failed again for a second time as it became official earlier Monday afternoon, May 14 when SAISD, Superintendent, Carl Dethloff released a statement.

“Thank you to everyone who took time to be informed about San Angelo ISD’s bond and who exercised their right to vote in the May 5th Election. The election results are finalized and the 2018 San Angelo ISD Bond Referendum did not pass.”  “Fortunately, we have the privilege of participating in local decisions through an election process, and I’m pleased to see community members participating in that right and privilege.” “The one key takeaway for all of our community, regardless of your position on the bond proposal, is that your vote truly counts.” “We honor the voice of our community and the election results illustrate that there is still work and additional facility planning needed by the school district. Local elections matter, and locally is where our voices are heard and our vote makes a tremendous impact.”


On the second go around, the bond margin failed this time by 2 votes. The Tom Green County Elections Office released final canvassed results. Of the 6,100 votes cast, 3, 049 votes (49.98%) were For, compared to 3,051 (50.02%) which were votes cast, Against.

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