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SAN ANGELO – The scripture reference in Ecclesiastes 4:12 reads, “A three strand chord is not easily broken,” meaning that three together are better than one or two.

For Lloyd and Sheri Norris, their three-fold chord of faith, family and friends had a fourth chord---a nonprofit, West Texas Counseling & Guidance which helped them through a personal tragedy 21 years ago, the death of their son, Dusty.

At West Texas Counseling & Guidance’ 42nd annual fundraiser on Thursday night, May 17, Executive Director, Dusty McCoy, and his staff honored the Norris with the Ambassadors of Hope Award. Bryan Benson, CEO of Principle LED presented the AOH crystal to the Norris. The fundraiser was in conjunction with National Mental Health Awareness Month.

“Tonight is not only a celebration of Lloyd and Sheri as an inspiration of hope to others, but we celebrate their son, Dusty Norris,” said McCoy. “By all accounts, Dusty was funny, kind and full of life.” “He loved baseball and roller blading.” 

Dusty’s vibrant life changed forever when he suffered a head injury from a jet ski accident. He struggled to come to grips with the constant ringing in his ears and diminished coordination. “This affected his physical abilities and the activities that he loved,” said McCoy. Nine months after the accident, Dusty at the age of 15-years-old, committed suicide.

WTC&G became that fourth strand chord that came alongside of the Norris to become that anchor of hope for a family described by other family members and friends as “kind, resilient, and always facing life’s challenges head-on.”

Left-to-right: Max Parker, son: Grant, and grandmother. Grant's bid of $400 on the artwork, titled--Madonna & Donkey, won.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Jenson, WTC&G veteran outreach coordinator

Prior to the Shiny Ribs members live performance, a live auction was held with nine pieces up for bid, 18 silent auction art pieces were on display as well. McCoy stated that this fundraiser's goal was $70,000 plus which he felt hopeful that WTC&G would accomplish.

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