Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – While Mr. Danny Aguilar is the new “kid on the block” so to speak as far as being the new President & General Manager of KIDY Fox San Angelo and KXVA in Abilene, Aguilar has been in the media business for over 30 years. Aguilar is a 1985 graduate of UTEP where he received a BA in Journalism, Business Admin & Management.

Mr. Aguilar, who began his official duties this past February, stated to Conexión that one of his primary responsibilities as a GM is “to manage the bottom line which means to make a profit for the company.”

Since Aguilar’s arrival, he has accomplished several things that have gotten the station off on the right footing. 

One of those significant changes is actually two-fold—change the focus from national news to a local flavor.
 “The reason local television stations exist is to benefit the community.” “And if we are not benefitting our local nonprofits or organizations which are trying to make San Angelo better, then we have fallen down on the job.” 

In Aguilar’s first month on the job, he reached out to the majority of nonprofits and offered their support, whether in promos or news coverage of events. “At the end of the day it’s what we contribute to our community that is going to make a successful television station in the long term,” said Aguilar. 

Another change was when KIDY hired a former Angelo State University graduate, Cody Broadway, to be their news director. Broadway who worked previously in San Antonio and New York and Denver, CO.  was brought in to train an energetic, news staff of young reporters.

In concluding the interview, Aguilar was asked what he wanted to leave behind to the next generation of news reporters.
“We have to always present the truth with accurate and fair reporting.” “There is a level of professionalism that we must adhere to because in the national media there is a tremendous lack of professionalism.” 

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