Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO –The head of the Consul of Mexico in Del Rio, Texas (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the Founder of Immigration Integration Project, met Friday morning, June 1 at the Region Center XV’s Conference Room as a check was presented to Dr. Alma Peréz from Carlos Obrador Garrido Cuesta to promote Peréz nonprofit organization’s work with the Mexican community.

 “Today is an important day for us because it is the start of a new partnership in which we are providing funds for Mexican students who will be able to advance their education here in the United States (San Angelo)” said Garrido Cuesta.

Left-to-right: Carlos Obrador Garrido Cuesta, María Teresa Villar Monroy and Dr. Alma Peréz

Dr. Peréz stated that the funds in the amount of $4,000 will be used for Mexican students who will be taught English as a Second Language (ESL). 

“We are very happy that Consul Carlos Obrador and his team have supported us through the past few years in empowering the Mexican community in San Angelo,” concluded Dr. Peréz.

IIP is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to teach immigrants to achieve economic stability and self-sufficiency and to develop skills in newcomers to ease their cultural and language incorporation while maintaining ethnic identity and solidarity. 

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