Gregorio Gutiérrez, Roy Garcia / Conexión San Ángelo 
Photos by Mrs. Araceli Gutiérrez

SAN ANGELO- There is a familiar idiom  that says "A picture is worth a thousands words." In René Alvarado's case it could be restated "A painting is worth a thousand words." Alvarado's brilliant, creative imaginative artwork while highly recognized and praised, yet he has remained humble.

 "Humility brings so much magic in the brush, poetry, and reality," stated Alvarado in an interview with Conexión San Ángelo during an art exhibition held at his residence, 1302 Kenwood Drive. René loves to tell stories and experiences with his brush and shapes his art in three dimensions.

Alvarado's artistic mind has led him to develop his own unique style. And his art is known for the symbolic value that his images represent, At the exhibition, Renée also acknowledged the artistic work of Austin Holdridge, a great artist protégé of his. 

René whose business is named—René Alvarado Fine Arts Studio and Gallery- was born in the Manantial, an ejido (rural communal area) outside Torreon.

Then at the age of 10, Avarado came to San Angelo. As a young boy, René understood that he was sheltered by the San Angelo culture for much of his life, but he did not leave his roots behind. Previously, Alvarado had been an art teacher for low-income children in San Antonio.

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