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SAN ANGELO – When Jan Mullins and Denise Wanoreck friends first and co-owners of a new business second, decided to go into business together, it was based on three things agreed upon: the name, the location and the vendors they felt comfortable with.

The first one, Out of the Box American—American Made Treasures for Everyone—was the name Denise came up with and Jan concurred.

“We always think when we make our crafts ‘out of the box’” said Wanoreck.

Left-to-right: Jan Mullins and Denise Wanoreck, co-owners of Out of the Box

As for how Jan and Denise ended up at their new location, 15 N. Tyler St, they had actually been looking for a place downtown when Denise again informed Jan there was sign on the building, previously American Classifieds and maybe they should check into it.

Conexión asked them if they had any doubts about setting up shop there. “This was it, this was going to be a good place.” “It felt good,” they both said.

Jan and Denise’ business model plan was to give artists, whether painters, photographer, wood work furniture owners, etc an opportunity to showcase their work in a brick-and-mortar business, rather than set-up shop at events.

“Also, from an economical way for them because we are selling the spaces at a dollar a square foot” said Denise. And, she and Jan were not in the business to necessarily make a profit, just cover the costs on the rental side which comes to $1200. Wanoreck clarified that the all the money the vendors make would go to them.

On the third business agreement, Out of the Box’ renters, consists of: A Stone's Throw, JK Old West Imaginations, Le'berre Bog Woodwerks & Furniture CO., Ken's Photography, Crafty Birds, etc.

The first renter interviewed was Bill Gober whose business is basically a salvage and reclaim woodwork type where he makes furniture, art pieces, sculpture and things of that nature. “I’ve been doing it since 2010.” 

Gober was asked how he got with Out of the Box. “They contacted us when we were at Trade Days which was at the Cactus Market.”  Jan and Denise saw some of his pieces and wondered if he would be interested in this little thing they had going so he joined up.

Another vendor who came on board was Jerry Eastman who owns J.K. Old West Imaginations. “It is kind of a handicraft business where we do leather work, I do kerosene lanterns turn them into electrical lanterns” said Eastman. Jerry also does 1880s period hat pins for the ladies. “I also make leather barbed wire hatbands and bracelets.” Eastman stated he plans to eventually make necklaces and earrings which will look like barbed wire. Upon retirement recently, Jerry decided to go into business just a little over a month ago. His partner is Karen, hence the name J.K. came from where they combined their initials.

The third vendor, John Redwine’s business is called “A Stone’s Throw.” Redwine who has done custom work for individuals is also into making wands, mandala stones, oasis stones and monochromatic stones. 

“I also do Dreaming stones that deal with aboriginal dreamtime. Seeing a stone in a dream is associated with your stability, steadiness, and firmness. It represents your lost feelings. It can also refer not only to strong obstacles, like rocks, but also to cruelty, distance, being cold, and indifferent. 

The fourth and last vendor was Tom Killingsworth. Killingsworth & daughter, Lexanne Edmiston, own Daddy Daughter Designs which deals with resurfaced china, glassware. “We take plates, dishes, cups and saucers and repurpose them into a design” Tom said. “Dad we need to turn your hording into a business” said Lexanne his daughter and business partner said on how the business came about.

Out of the Box invites everyone to their grand opening which is Friday, June 15. Out of the Box’ business hours are from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, closed on Mondays.

FMI call 325-234-0255; or 210-846-2371.

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