Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – “Ladies it is time understand your personal value.” You don’t have to worry about pleasing other people as much as you have the choice to allow the people you want into your lives,” Cindy Jordan.

Jordan, motivational speaker and author of "The Pearl' was the keynote speaker at Saturday, June 8’s 3rd annual Women' s Conference on "Mind, Body & Soul." Cindy’s speech to the 100 plus attendees, comprised of women, was part motivational, part inspirational and also challenging, meaning being in charge of their own lives and live their lives empowered by their choices, not someone else's. Also, it was O.K. for them to demand respect and appreciation. 

In Cindy’s presentation, she also used a stop light which consisted of red, yellow green (a fourth one consisted of orange) as a metaphor to get across her message when it comes to relationships whether it be with males or females.

“People who I know and love me are in my green light section.” As for the yellow light section, this light means to slow down and proceed with caution.  “And the red light is where people are just plain, toxic.” “Now the orange is where the red is trying to get back into your good graces, so the orange is really about forgiveness” said Jordan.

The Women’s Conference was held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the third floor of the Stephen Central Library.

Left: Carrie Scott is the founder of Raks Sanan Belly Dance Troupe

Shawndee Masters and her receptionist, Amber Pruitt

Trisha Hildebrand, independent distributor of Lip Sense

NOTE: check out the 10 slide presentation on these vendors on Facebook.

10 vendors were at the all-day session, among them: Raks Sanan Belly Dance Troupe, San Angelo Clubhouse, LipSense/Senegence, Shanwdee's Massage, Legal Shield, Made In America, My Tupperware, DoTerra, Scentsy and Trellie.

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