Conexión San Ángelo/ Stephanie Hamby, contributor

Photo courtesy of CVHPC

SAN ANGELO – Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition Project Manager, Stephanie Hamby, informed Conexión that the agency received a $6,000 grant from the San Angelo Area Foundation.

“The Coalition needed a financial sponsor to apply for funding and we feel it is a good fit for both organizations,” said Hamby. Stephanie is also the director for Galilee Community Development Corporation, a local non-profit whose focus is on affordable housing; Galilee became the umbrella organization for CVHPC in 2017.  

The Homeless Planning Coalition meets on a monthly basis and discussed the need for funding for homeless who are trying to receive services but need legal identification to do so.  

Currently we will pay for photo ID’s, driver’s licenses and copies of birth certificates.  This is the first step in helping residents in the Concho Valley get medical care, apply for jobs and find stable housing.  

For most people replacing a stolen ID or making a copy of a birth certificate is an inconvenience but for someone who is homeless it stops them from moving forward until they can come up with the money and ability to replace them.  This is the first program in the area with designated funds to address the need.  Partner organizations of the Homeless Planning Coalition help the clients get all the paperwork in order and then refer them to Galilee CDC for the financial assistance.  

The Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition is making great strides in helping the homeless in our community.   General membership meetings are open to the public and are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at City Hall in the East Mezzanine at 9:00 am.  

“We are excited to receive the $6,000.00 grant from the San Angelo Area Foundation to assist homeless individuals with this process” concluded Hamby.  

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