Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO– Tuesday, June 19 the San Angelo City Council meeting had on its agenda, “Consider a resolution suspending for ninety days the proposed effective date for the rate increase provided in the filing made around June 1, 2018, by Atmos Energy for its Midtex Division”. The presentation was made by City Attorney, Theresa James.

Prior to Attorney James speaking, Single Member District 6 Council person, Billie Dewitt wanted clarification. 

“It was my understanding that we are one of 50 cities that had a concern about the rate increase that Atmos was proposing and that Atmos got approval to go ahead with the rate increases.” “So I’m just wondering if we know what those increases are going to be” said Dewitt. 

James, informed Dewitt and the other Council members that this particular item that dealt with the filing to adjust rates which was filed by Atmos was done in June. This is not the same filing that was addressed earlier in the year. That filing was a request by AEP to increase rates which was denied by City Council.

 “What we are doing today is we are saying that you have provided us this information that you want to increase commercial rates and reduce all the other rates.”  Atmos provided a packet of information with the request for required time to review. Atmos asked for an effective date on these increases to be July 6 which is really not enough time for the attorneys to review the information, stated James.

“What this particular resolution does is it suspends the increase until we have time to review the information in order to make a decision on how we want to respond to it.”

James concluded that in the end there has not been an approved increase or decrease in the rates. This is simply the beginning of the process.

Ultimately the City Council unanimously approved the item on the agenda, 7-0. 

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