Gregorio Gutierrez, Roy Garcia/ Conexion San Angelo

SAN ANGELO – Humble public service has always been in the mind of former educator, Jesse Martinez. Martinez’s desire has always been to help young people by influencing them to meet their goals. He took on the challenge of being the principal of Edison Junior High School during the beginnings of his career. He believes he impacted a generation of students in a good way. He has served in many positions, but has always focused on serving humbly, working hard, and having respect for authority. 

Martinez served a four-year term as Justice of the Peace, however in his bid for re-election he did not win. He later went on to become a principal at Veribest High School. 

After participating in the education field, he felt the call to give his service to the Catholic Church as a deacon. 

The current deacon defined faith to Conexion San Angelo. “Faith is an action. You have to live the faith to the best of your ability.” Martinez sees a lot of need in the community. He stated that there is still a lot of suffering in the community. His message to San Angelo is to continue to be compassionate, to be a city with rule, but with a heart. He supports compromise, and finding a way so that everyone can win together. As a deacon, he encourages treating people with respect and dignity, and doing these things, as always, with humility.  

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