Gregorio Gutierrez/ Roy Garcia/ Conexion San Angelo

SAN ANGELO – Conexion San Angelo interviewed free-lance grant writer, Angelina Osornio, on the first week of June. She writes grants on behalf of non-profits, under her business, Do More Good Consulting. She discovered her passion for grant writing when she worked at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley. Mrs. Osornio appreciates her ADACCV mentor, Erick Sanchez, who trusted her, taught her professionalism, and introduced her to grant writing. 

Osornio, with a belief that God wanted her to begin her business, and while receiving support from her husband, started her business in June of 2017. She understands that there is high community involvement in the projects she works on, whether they are begun by non-profits or municipalities. She recognizes the struggles of starting a new business, yet sees how these helped her to reassess a few things, including how she was communicating with and promoting to clients. She has a website,, with her background and experience, and resources for people who want to start non-profits, or small businesses. Mrs. Osornio thanks her parents for playing a huge role in creating an entrepreneurial spirit in her. She states that they are her heroes, who had faith in her, and in her business.