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SAN ANGELO – At AUM Holistic Therapies, Reflexology is a synonym for helping.  Carlos Sanchez, Master Reflexologist of AUM Holistic Therapies has been working as a Reflexologist since 2002.  With a physical location inside Health House Chiropractic & Well Being, PLLC at 3115 Loop 306, Suite 102, where Dr. Bahlman, DC practices.  Carlos Sanchez and Dr. Bahlman joined forces to employ their complementary service areas.
Mr. Sanchez, a Master Reflexologist, finds reflex points.  He begins with the feet and hands and moves throughout the body to promote balance and allow the body to heal.  Some of Mr. Sanchez’s other therapies include a Medical Massage, Craniosacral, and Reiki.  “The body becomes ill due to stress in different areas of our lives.  I work to restore proper balance and energy, so their body can heal,” stated Mr. Sanchez.  
Dr. Bahlman worked in Mexico as a chiropractor, learning Spanish along the way, and has done a lot of cultural learning during her community service experiences as a participant in the Up with People program.  She also holds a license as a Professional Nutrition Response Testing practitioner.  Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. When these are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health.  “My patients are gaining their true health back and it is exciting to be part of their success,” Dr. Bahlman said.
Carlos’s and Dr. Bahlman’s knowledge and clinical experiences can be expressed by not only what they say, but also by the services and therapies they provide as individual health care practitioners and in partnering together in your health.  “We want to treat the whole person, not just the pain they come in with,” commented Dr. Bahlman.  “It’s awesome to see people get healthy and take control of their health.”  Mr. Sanchez has taught blind people how to do reflexology on the feet and other disabled people to work with their hands.  He wishes to help with an area shelter to help the homeless.  “It’s all about relieving stress.  It’s about helping people and promoting health for everyone,” stated Mr. Sanchez.
Appointments may be made:
AUM Holistic Therapies/Carlos Sanchez, MR, MMT (325) 200-1290
Health House Chiropractic & Well Being, PLLC/Dr. Stephanie Bahman, DC, BA, BS, BS (325) 703-6506
En AUM Holistic Therapies, Reflexology es sinónimo de ayuda. Carlos Sánchez, maestro reflexólogo de AUM Holistic Therapies ha estado trabajando como reflexólogo desde 2002.


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