Gregorio Gutiérrez, Roy Garcia/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – Ricky Villarreal had numerous jobs along the way such as a car salesman, door-to-door salesman, a pre-arranged funeral counselor, etc. before his life changed in 2006 when while sleep he had a dream where he was visited by two angels who told him he would be opening up an insurance company, called San Angelo Insurance and that it would be “a beacon of God.”
In 2006, Villarreal opened San Angelo Insurance, located at 1102 N. Chadbourne, which currently represents 50 companies such as Progressive, Travelers, etc.
Villarreal has painted on the outside of his office building in bright blue colors, a mountain with the two angels as described in his dream.
Villarreal had another dream; this time God told him to open another business called San Angelo Pronto, a derivative of SA Insurance, which provides low cost insurance primarily for a Hispanic market that does not have any credit, has a bad driving record or someone who does not have a license. The business is located at 3426 Sherwood Way.
In concluding the interview, Villarreal stated what is long-term goal is.
“My life goal is to make a nonprofit organization where a building, located at 2400 S. Hill Street, originally it was to be a youth center. But later I was approached by other people and decided to change it to an addiction rehabilitation center called, The Restoration Center, which is a project that I am currently working on” said Villarreal.

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