Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – The annual July 3rd Pops Concert, considered the 4th largest holiday event in the state of Texas, continues to live up to its billing despite hot temperatures as thousands of San Angeloans turned out Tuesday evening to celebrate America’s 242nd birthday.

Among the plethora of families in attendance were the Gomez: Jesse, wife, Liz, daughter Leah Coleman, son-in-law, Tim and newly-weds—Yvonne Gomez-Rodriguez and husband, Jesus. The Gomez, Rodriguez family came to the holiday family affair loaded down with sandwiches, soft drinks, chips and plenty of water. 

Another San Angeloan, Melissa Epperson told Conexión this was just her second time to attend the Pops Concert.  Epperson showed off her 4th of July spirit with her hat and sunshades decorated with the stars/stripes.

The San Angelo Symphony under the direction of Music Director, Hector Guzmán, added two new pieces of music: Pops Hoedown and Band of Brothers. This year’s vocalists were Justin Deloach and Joseph Cortese.

The Pops Concert was held at the Bill Aylor Sr. Memorial Riverstage.

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