Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – Conexión interviewed the newest members of the community and to the San Angelo Salvation Army, Corps Officers, Majors Stan and his wife, Debi Carr.  The Carr’s officially began their duties, June 18.

Conexión: Salvation Army Officers are periodically transferred to different locations, typically every three to four years. Why is that? 

Carrs: “The founder of The Salvation Army, General William Booth, said he never wanted his officers to get comfortable.  Meaning that when you get comfortable in your surroundings you stop seeing the need of the people you serve.”  “His solution was that Salvation Army Officers be moved every few years so that fresh eyes could see the need and respond to that.”

Conexión: How often in your 32 years of service have you been transferred? 

“This is our 10th appointment.”

Conexión: Besides Houston and Dallas, where else have you both been transferred to besides Texas? 

Carrs: “The first 22 years of our Officership were in Canada.  We had congregational appointments in Trail and Nanaimo British Columbia on the west coast, then Sault Ste. Marie and Niagara Falls in Ontario.  . . . “

For the past 10 years we have taken up congregational appointments in Houston, Dallas and now San Angelo Texas.”

Conexión asked, what do you mean by ‘Doing The Most Good’?  

“We strive to use every resource available to us, material goods, finances and people to provide the highest quality and most efficient and effective ministry to everyone who falls within our sphere of influence; and to meet their needs in the name and love of Jesus without discrimination.”

Conexión: After 40 years of marriage, how have you been able to work alongside of each other? 

“Our marriage is one of the strengths of our ministry. We are best friends and we make it a point to start and end every day by praying with each other, sharing the joys of ministry. And, asking God to protect our marriage, to give us strength and wisdom to accomplish our sacred calling.  We love being together and can’t imagine doing anything else”

Conexión: What is that you both bring to San Angelo that will be unique or different in ministry to the Salvation Army here in San Angelo? 

“Major Debi brings her background as a legal secretary before ministry along with incredible discernment, wisdom and an ability to make people feel at ease.” “I have 10 plus years of business management and leadership and a passion to equip other leaders with skills that will enable them to live a life that will leave a spiritual impact and legacy.  Both of us are certified Spiritual Life Coaches and are adjunct faculty of The Salvation Army’s Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development in Atlanta Georgia,” concluded the Carr’s.

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