AUSTIN - Texans have many reasons to be proud of the status of the lone star, but for nine different regions in the state, air quality is not one of them. The Texas Clean Driving campaign of the Texas Department of Transportation wants to change that.

The campaign seeks to make drivers proud to keep the air clean during the hottest part of the year. "As Texans, we take great pride in our state, its history, its unique cultures and open spaces," said James Bass, executive director of TxDOT. "Some might say that we live and breathe Texas. Drive Safe Texas asks drivers to help protect the state's air quality following these simple tips:

● Carry out regular maintenance of the vehicles and inflate the tires according to the recommended air pressure

● Fill the fuel tank correctly and close the lid tightly.

● Fill the gas tank until you hear the click, filling it to the top releases harmful gases into the air

● Drive safely, obeying speed limits

● Avoid leaving the car on when it is stopped for extended periods of time

● Avoid driving aggressively with stops and quick starts

In accordance with the standards set forth in the Clean Air Act, three areas in Texas (Houston / Galveston, Dallas / Fort Worth, and El Paso) do not meet federal clean air standards.

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