Not Forgetting Their Origins 

Gregorio Gutierrez


SAN ANGELO, TX. - Humble and simple people who do not forget their roots is what describes the Rubio family, Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Maria del Socorro Rubio better known as Godmother and Godfather. Don Pedro spoke of his origin. "I'm from Hidalgo, Mexico, I always lived in the mountains, we did not own anything, at age 9 they sent me to town to clean stables, haul water, my father did not care what they paid me, he wanted me to learn how to work and be responsible. I remember that when my father past away, I worked in grinding, cutting oranges and with that we paid for the medicine and the doctors that we owed from my father. "
"I was 11 years old when I went to the capital, I worked at La Merced and ended up in the street, then I found my brothers and we moved to the state to Mexico and since I was young they did not want to give me work in the factories. One of my brothers took me with a gentleman from Michoacán, owner of the paleterías in Michoacán and I went to work with him, we went to Chihuahua because he opened another business, I was about thirteen or fourteen years old, I never got to play as a kid, it was always pure work ".

In Torreón I lasted 5 years, at the age of 20 I came with my uncle to San Angelo, my first job was at the B & W iron foundry, then I worked in the garbage for 14 years, at that time I was into drinking and in bad steps so one day I said” it stops here” and I distanced myself from friends.

One Sunday there was baseball game in the baseball field behind the Paraiso and that night there was a dance and that's where I met my wife ".
Mrs. Maria del Socorro Rubio commented, "I was born in Paredón, Coahuila; my dad had a little store there, then we moved to Saltillo, my father then brought us to the United States when I was three years old, he took us to Hertford, TX., there we grew up working in collecting potatoes.
I started school and I graduated from Hertford High School in 1979, but in 1977 I started working making hamburgers, the company where my dad worked closed and we moved to San Angelo when I was 20 years old.

My dad opened a place called Mr. Burger and I went to work with him as I knew the business. My father liked doing business, he liked to treat people well, so when the opportunity of the gas station came up on fourteenth St.  he sold Mr. Burger. I got married at 23 years old, I worked at Ethicon when my first son was born, my mother took care of him, but my family went to Mexico and they suffered an accident where my mother died, and I had to quit my job.
Years later I volunteered at Bradford School, then as an assistant teacher at Carver Elementary for 17 years, and currently dedicated to my home. "
Don Pedro resigned to the work of the garbage in 1984 to work with his father-in-law, Don Elizandro Valdez, owner of Valdez Muffler Shop, of which Mr. Pedro Rubio currently owns