Educating Educators about Migrant Lives


Conexión San Angelo / Jennifer Sauceda



SAN ANGELO, TX – On July 23rd, 2018 Region 15 hosted a Migrant Poverty Simulation in San Angelo, to show teachers how migrants live on a daily basis.


Cristobal Peña, who is the recruiter for migrant families and part of Region 6 in Huntsville, Texas.


“What we’re trying to do with this simulation here is to kind of enlighten the educators to know that there’s reasoning behind, you know what’s happening between their kids and their classroom. If the educators don’t get, these kids are going to get lost, they’re going to get left behind and their going to end up out of school youth,” Peña said.


The Migrant Education program plans to help more migrants because many of them are seeking help and seeking a better life.


“The things that become so harsh in South America, that they have no choice, I mean that is the one thing that the United States is not able to see. These are not people from the gangs or the MS13’s, that are trying to make it up here. These are people who legitimately want to have a better life and not just for themselves but feed their kids and educate them,” he said.





“What we do with the migrant program is to try to ensure we break the cycle of migrancy, so that they can lead stable lives. We’ve managed to do that with families, but it starts in the classroom with the teachers,” he said.


Monica Diaz who is the Region 15 Migrant Out of School Specialist was the one running the simulation.


“We have 40 educators and we have approximately 38 community agencies helping because our community agencies help those families and they understand what resources to give them,” Diaz said.


“Our main goal here was just for people to understand where families are coming from and providing resources to them,” she said.