SAN ANGELO, TX – LegalShield is a law firm, not like any other, it is affordable and accessible to any individual looking for legal needs.

Rosa Isela Goedde, who is a representative LegalShield, was born in San Antonio and moved to San Angelo, then moved to the Houston Area.

“To go over LegalShield, we actually believe in social justice we believe that everyone should have equal justice,” she said.

LegalShield has been in business for 10 years and is leveling the playing field for the poor and the rich.

“It’s not for everybody but the service is because I have seen so many people’s life change because the economic wise, they believe in themselves, time, freedom, and justice,” Goedde said.

Goedde finds a passion in helping people and that is what LegalShield does.

“When someone talks about things like this Have an open mind because you never know,” she said.