Logan Memmer /Conexión San Ángelo, contributor  
Memmer is a senior at LVHS and an intern

SAN ANGELO – Friday night Lake View took on Fort Stockton in the second game of the season with a hard-fought battle until the very end. Blue against Blue, the two teams fought their hardest with a final score of Panthers 34,  Chiefs 27.

In the first half, the Panthers score the first touchdown of the game with a deep pass to wide receiver, Jesse Franco. The Panthers then score two more touchdowns leaving the first half with a score of, 20-7.


Whether it was the spirit of the crowd, or rowdy motivation coming out of the locker room, starting the third quarter, both teams met on the turf with the will to win. With the second kickoff, Panther’s wide receiver Jeremiah Hughes, caught the ball flawlessly and ran down the field into the end zone setting the pace of the remainder of the game.

Chiefs' Brendon Baca is on the move against the the Panthers in Friday night's non-district game played in Fort Stockton.

With eight minutes left on the clock in the third quarter, Lake View’s defense dug deep to fight back against the offensive line turning the tables for the game, the Panther’s break through just enough to score their final touchdown of the game.

The crowd remained roaring for Lake View nonstop as the Chiefs scored their second touchdown with an all-star catch from Izaiah Moreno. Fans and players alike banded together to cheer on their team as the defensive line held the Panthers from scoring, turning the ball over to Lake View once again. 

As Lake View fought for their third touchdown of the night, wide receiver, Joseph Brooks catches a deep pass into the end zone. In attempts to bring the score up further, Lake View successfully completes a two-point conversion bringing the score to 34-21. 

Later, in the quarter Lake View scored their final touchdown leaving the game 34-27. Lake View’s defensive line fought hard against Fort Stockton, keeping them from scoring in the last quarter. 

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