Loagan Memmer / Conexión San Ángelo intern

Memmer is a Lake View senior  

SAN ANGELO—In a head-to-head clash of helmets and turf, the Midland Greenwood took on Lake View High School as the the Greenwood Rangers earned a hard-fought victory Friday night at San Angelo Stadium by a score of 53-27.

Lake View and Greenwood raced neck-and-neck in the first quarter with each team scoring touchdowns early in the game. Greenwood scored their first touchdown with senior, Gunnar Holcomb, carrying the ball. 

The Rangers led 2-0 with an exciting near out-of-bounds catch in the end zone. Lake View then intercepted the ball and scored their first touchdown of the game. 

On-and-off the field, the Chiefs rallied together to help their boys keep momentum in the game with Alex Ayala gaining massive yardage down-after-down into the second quarter.

Greenwood scored a total of four touchdowns and an impressive field goal kick, leaving the pre-locker room score 28-7.

Both teams started the second half back-to-back fighting to take the game. Greenwood’s, Rayan Snodgrass, intercepted a Lake View ball and then scored a touchdown leaving the Chiefs out on ledge with no room for error to try a comeback.

Lake View came together and fought for their second touchdown with quarterback, Henry Nickias, keeping the ball and plowing through the Ranger’s defense into the end zone.

However, Greenwood came back and scored another touchdown with wide receiver, Brody Way, catching a sharp pass and running it into the end zone leaving the third quarter 13-47.

In the final quarter of the game, Lake View’s, Alex Ayala, carried the ball into the end zone, diving over the Ranger’s defense scoring a touchdown for the Chiefs. Lake View then flawlessly performed a two-point conversion to cut the lead to 21-47.

Throughout the last minutes of the quarter, the teams went back and forth trying to move the ball offensively. Lake View dug deep to attempt a comeback. Unfortunately, Greenwood caught momentum once again and scored their final touchdown of the game.

With seconds left on the clock, the Chiefs broke through the Ranger’s defensively as Devin Williams fought through the line to score Lake View’s final touchdown leaving the final score, 53-27, Midand Greenwood.

Lake View's next game is homecoming as the Chiefs hosts Lubbock Estacado. Kick-off is set for Friday, September 29th, 7:30 p.m. from San Angelo Stadium.

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