Conexión San Ángelo /Ted Harbin, Media Director, contributor

SAN ANGELO, Texas – There was a different look on Justin Josey’s face Saturday night as he entered the Foster Communications Coliseum.

It was a combination of determination and confidence, and he had a distinct swagger as he prepared for the Bullfighters Only event in conjunction with the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo. His opponent was Black Soul, a quick and aggressive black Spanish fighting bull from Rockin’ B and Magnifica. 

“He was my short-round bull in Austin last year, and I was 89.5,” Josey said. “Then I watched him hook the snot out of somebody in Vegas. He’s all there; he tries every time and gives you a massive pocket. He’ll try just as hard as you will, if not harder.” 

It showed in both combatants. Black Soul stayed on the aggressive through most of the first 40 seconds of the bout, and Josey countered every attack with quick steps and fiery twists, staying just enough out of harm’s way. The two athletes provided an event-winning 87-point bout. 

“I’m not going to lie: I was nervous,” Josey said. “But, it helps to have the best bull in the pen. You could have won on any of the three bulls that were there. They gave you all they had for the fight, and that’s all you can ask for.”

In addition to taking the BFO-San Angelo crown, Josey also qualifies for the Bullfighters Only event in conjunction with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, which is set for Saturday at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. There he will be in the mix with five other top BFO bullfighters: two-time reigning champion Weston Rutkowski, Toby Inman, Kris Furr, Dayton Spiel and Tanner Zarnetski. 

“It means a lot to qualify for San Antonio,” Josey said. “I’m just trying to start the new year off right and get rolling. Now I have a chance to win $12,500 in San Antonio to go along with what I won in San Angelo. I still have to take care of business, but it’s a nice feeling right now.”


1. Justin Josey, 87 points against Rockin B and Magnifica’s Black Soul; 2. Schell Apple, 84; 3. Zach Call, 79. 

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