Gregorio Gutierrez/ Roy Garcia/ Conexion San Angelo

SAN ANGELO – Sister Maria de Agreda’s presence is still felt amongst us today. The popular Spanish painter, Bartolome Esteban Murillo, (1618-1682), painted Maria de Agreda, a Spaniard nun living in the same era as him, believed to have the gift of bi-location. This painting was found by Michelle Estrada in 2009. Michelle states that the painting has taken her on a spiritual journey. She hopes that Sister Maria de Agreda will become a saint in the Vatican. Michelle has presented this relic to the Father from the Vatican Padre Stefano Cecchin, with whom she has become close friends. 

Maria de Agreda’s presence was also seen as a bronze statue, along a Jumano Brave and Child statue, during an unveiling event in San Angelo. Felix Salmeron, a Jumano descendent, participated in this event. Salmeron shared his knowledge on Jumano culture and history. 

The Jumano Nation has been impacted by Maria de Agreda’s presence once again. Father Stefano Cecchin stated that the Jumano Nation has a lot of devotion for Agreda, and has kept it for a long time. 





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